Axure RP

Axure RP 9.0

Design, customize and preview website models
Develop a design project for a personal or corporate website in a visual editing environment before actually programming it. Select a template and customize it according to the specification of the site's purpose. View the design as a mock-up, check and adjust conditional logic, dynamic content, animations, math functions, data interactions, etc. Export the design for development.

Axure RP is intended to help developers design interactive web pages and websites without needing to write the underlying code. The tool has the complexity inherent to web design and the results will logically depend on your graphic design skills. Luckily, there is a tour file to let you know what the program can do. However, it would have been nicer to have more templates at hand.

The program has a modern interface, with a large tabbed working area in the center and panels at both sides. You can easily create new pages and specify their sizes if you expect to create a responsive website. In this respect, there are presets for various types of devices. Then, you can start adding elements to your pages. It is a good idea to base your design on the use of placeholders, tables and boxes. There is a library that contains most of the elements you need to create a web page, including various types of labels, ellipses, images, buttons, dropdown lists, etc. Just like other similar tools, dragging and dropping elements onto the canvas is the easiest way to populate your page.

A great advantage of this tool is the possibility of adding interactions of various types. Just by right-clicking on an object, you can add style effects. In this regard, you can set such parameters as color, fonts, borders, etc. Likewise, you can assign events, such as following a hyperlink to a different page.

Axure RP has a WYSIWYG editor, which gives an idea of what the page will look like. Yet, you can preview it in a browser. For this purpose, the program runs a local server to keep all the interaction going.

The resulting site can be shared in various ways. Probably, the most widely used of these methods is to generate HTML code and store it on a local folder. Unfortunately, this does not work properly with Google Chrome without a specific extension. Another possibility is to publish the site to Axure servers or any other server that you choose. Besides, it is quite useful to generate Word specifications.

All in all, Axure RP lets you create modern-looking web pages with lots of interaction. Unlike other similar tools that come with predefined styles, this one gives you plenty of freedom to design your pages. Moreover, it facilitates concentrating on the design part without worrying about the code beneath. The product is available in two licenses, Pro and Team. If you need to work with others, the Axure RP 9 Team is the best decision, as it allows co-authoring, revision histories and team project hosting on the developer’s servers. Fortunately, you may apply for a free license if you intend to use the product for educational purposes.

Pedro Castro
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  • Drag and drop elements
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Creates Word specifications
  • Various ways to share results
  • No need to manage code
  • Various types of interactions
  • Creates responsive websites


  • No templates available
  • Google extension needed to preview pages
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